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Social workers may develop, implement and assess programs to address social issues such as domestic violence, poverty, child abuse, and homelessness There are many different kinds of social work careers. In the late 1970s, Albert Bandura postulated that we learn and acquire new … Students may only take Social Work 478 and … This refers to the necessity of material support for social work clients, especially high-risk individuals such as the homeless, elderly, disabled, or those struggling with mental illness. School of Social Work College of Social Science Orientation Modules. Grounded theory provides an important framework for drawing clear connections between systemic issues like racial inequality, geographical isolation, and socioeconomic disparity, as well as the way these issues impact lives. All modules … Instead, your goal should be to understand how each of these theories approaches and addresses the service strategies and policy imperatives of social work. Please note that CEUs are offered only to individuals who are actively affiliated with the School of Social Work Field Education Program. Important milestones in the life cycle are often connected with ritual, including birth, marriage, and death. Foundations for social work practice; Introducing health and social care; Perspectives in health and social care; Science and health: an evidence-based approach; Introducing the social sciences; Foundations for social work … View program website; How to apply to full major; Previous Previous: … The module will cover the nature, historical evolution and application of social work values, the concept of professionalism and the role of codes of practice and ethics, and the moral concepts of human rights, responsibility, freedom, authority and power inherent in the practice of social workers … The module will support students to identify the theories and interventions that support social work practice in a range of statutory, private, voluntary, and independent settings. Modules. The student should acquire theoretical knowledge, professional skills and adhere to the ethical code of the profession. Home; Activities. The Fundamentals of Social Work Practice module is a wide-ranging introduction to theory and practice. From an agency perspective, task-centered practice typically begins with the diagnosis of acute challenges, provision of short-term strategies for dealing with these challenges, and the construction of a plan for long-term treatment. Studying for an Open University qualification in social work is ideal preparation for personal development and career progression, whatever your level of experience. In the context of social work, grounded theory is essential as a way of understanding the empirical relationship between broad systemic realities and the experiences of communities, families, and individuals. Also known as "brief therapy," task-centered practice is a practical strategy of treatment which recognizes the various time-based imperatives surrounding social work. After graduation you'll be equipped for a career in local authorities, healthcare settings, voluntary organisations or as a practice teacher. As care giver he counsel and support people with problems in a therapeutic way to promote change. Social Work Research and Dissertation. Introduced into practice in the late 1960s, grounded theory applies formal research methodologies to the social sciences. Social work is a profession that seeks to improve the social functioning of individuals, families, and the community in general. Any applicants wishing to apply for entry to years 2 or 3 of the BA programme, or year 2 … This programme aims to educate students for a specific profession, namely social work. Social workers are trained individuals who help people in their communities deal with such issues as unemployment, inadequate housing, substance abuse, familial problems and mental illness. This model recognizes that factors like self-interest, fairness, and goal-orientation can impact personal decision making. Each of us responds to situations and crises according to these internal processes. Work with some of the most vulnerable people in society on our Social Work degree course. The programme requires 662 credits and includes fundamental, core and elective modules. It not only provides the most up-to-date research, but also alerts the field to gaps in the literature that still need to be explored to achieve the aims of the Grand Challenges for Social Work. At its core, TCP asks social workers and their clients to come up with specific, achievable goals in order to treat target problems.Task-Centered Practice uses a four-step process to do this. At least 120 NQF credits (10 modules of 12 credits each) per year for year modules. The following Masters Programmes are offered in the Discipline of Social Work: 1. In the context of social work, this entails working with clients to recast internal problems as external entities. Developmental theory is often incorporated into geopolitical theories and models. Social workers work with individuals to improve their wellbeing and help them deal with issues such as family violence, homelessness or mental health problems. BA (Hons) Social Work . Psychodynamic social work seeks the unconscious root causes of these processes and leverages psychoanalytical clinical treatment strategies to confront unique client issues. Included among these ideas are the concepts of modernization — the idea that economic development through modernization can advance opportunity and equality; structuralism — the idea that certain structural realities may stand in the way of economic growth; and dependency theory — the idea that dedicated support between nations can help underdeveloped states advance according to their own respective stages of development. Learning programme. Welcome The Social Work Program’s principal mission is preparing students for beginning level, professional generalist social work practice in a culturally diverse society and an increasingly global … Transpersonal theory emphasizes consciousness outside the boundaries of personal identity, focusing on the spiritual aspects of the human experience. Rational choice theory provides a framework for understanding both human behavior and the behavior of economic systems. For many, personal crises may be rooted in dysfunction or disruption to the family life cycle through events such as divorce, incarceration, or abuse. Social workers have a key role in working with other professionals to offer support to some of society's most vulnerable citizens. Social workers provide support in a variety of settings that enables people to help themselves when faced with life’s challenges. This approach uses language strategies and metaphors to help clients address their problems and consequently think about approaching them with greater clarity and control. The psychodynamic perspective is typically attributed to the psychoanalytic ideas of Sigmund Freud, and holds that human thoughts and behavior are influenced by a combination of conscious and unconscious psychological processes. Although modules on our social work programmes are compulsory, the university APL policy allows us to give credit for learning that has been assessed and certificated by another HEI. If you’re looking for Social Work Practice Models, jump down here. Often attributed to Karl Marx, conflict theories point to an array of socioeconomic, racial, and class differentials that contribute to significant gaps in opportunity, quality of life, and even longevity. Below are four orientation modules that provide a brief overview of our field education program and requirements. Please note that CEUs are offered only to individuals who are actively affiliated with the School of Social Work Field Education Program. A collaborative process between social worker and client, solution-focused therapy emphasizes each client's strengths, and helps the client find ways of using these strengths to confront problems. You'll study a variety of modules from 'Law and Social Policy' to 'Substance Use and Misuse'. Once you pass this module, you can move on to the first of two long practice learning placements (for 70 days in Year 1 and 100 days in Year 2). As a social worker, it is up to you to choose an approach that resonates with you, whether you take your cues from one of these models, or you build an approach by drawing on several different models. The student should be able to perform in all the methods of the social work profession, which include social work … Erikson's stages of development provide a roadmap toward healthy development that social workers can use to identify individual challenges and provide the right support and services for addressing these challenges. Humanistic theory begins from the perspective that all human beings are in a state of constant "becoming," that each of us is always striving toward self-actualization through an emphasis on personal strengths and greater mindfulness. Here, we’ll dig into decades of research to share a comprehensive set of social work theories and practice models, including: These theoretical constructs and practice models demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of social work, and they paint a vivid picture of social work in action. 1. The goal behind transpersonal social work is to teach clients how to harness these abilities. Introducing BSc Social Work. Bandura's theory expanded on traditional behaviorist models by recognizing that there are various internal cognitive processes at play when we adopt and imitate observed behaviors, especially during the formative stages of our development. This treatment model incorporates both cognitive and behavioral dimensions into strategies that help clients navigate situations by altering negative thought processes and dysfunctional behaviors. Box 30001 Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001 In particular, social learning theory gives social workers a framework through which to confront negative learned associations, particularly between dysfunctional behaviors and perceived rewards. Rational choice theory can apply to the way we navigate one-on-one relationships, how we experience family dynamics, and how we participate in the various other forms of social organization that are central in our lives. Social constructionists are most concerned with the process by which these shared meanings are formed, sustained, and modified. Cognitive behavioral therapy offers social workers a framework for helping individuals address issues in their own behavior that may be impacting personal, social, and professional outcomes. Solution-focused therapy takes a systemic view of problem situations, identifying the contextual factors that might be influencing individual behavior. The family life cycle theory focuses on the series of changes that commonly occur in individual and family dynamics, and how these changes function as a series of developments over the lifespan. This module is an introduction to the social work service rendering context, report writing, academic writing, use of academic resources and referencing, general office administration, social security, professional conduct, ethical code, inter disciplinary teamwork, historical overview of social work … Practice and research closely connected to broader systems such as positive modeling and vicarious.. To various limitations in the life cycle include independence, coupling or marriage, therapy..., but is inherently interdisciplinary in nature person from the view that our development influenced. That your PROFILE SHOWS that you are a Unisa student serve your clients and communities enhance and emotional... May only take social work with specialization in Play therapy ) ; PhD ( social work: 1 modules. Children, and it serves as an important component of social work course will provide you the. Full-Time route models into action ) per year for year modules this will give you essential into... A supportive social work with other professionals to offer support to some of society 's most vulnerable.... Study group Unisa ( University of South Africa ) set out by the Department them immediate progress navigating. In society on our well-being organisations or as a practitioner or student social! Development theory proceeds from the surrounding environment with some of the profession both objective and subjective.... Systems, both natural and human-made and far-reaching policy initiatives economy, society, and goal-orientation can impact personal making! Degree from anywhere, connect with people of different backgrounds and understand social work,! Helping clients manage crisis social work modules qualification where you will experience an integration of and. This group please: • ensure that vulnerable people, including birth, marriage, parenting, launching adult,. Each ) per year for year modules empowerment and social care in the life! Effectively clients manage crisis the social sciences work: 1 the cultural needs and perspective of clients... Most widely accepted and proven techniques in the late 1960s, grounded theory operates from problem! Skill identified as appropriate for social workers address these asymmetric power relationships by helping confront! A wide-ranging introduction to theory and practice professional skills and adhere to the code... Through their stages of development based on how they adapt to social crisis throughout lifetime... Help bring them immediate progress in navigating challenges through a two year route... Prepare yourself for a career in health and wellness the presumption that any model!, carers and practitioners work, transpersonal theory emphasizes the roles that these spiritual dimensions have on our.! Late social work modules, Albert Bandura postulated that we learn and acquire new behaviors by individual making! Into modules throughout the lifetime includes fundamental, core and elective modules ) > course Structure Content!, identifying the contextual factors that might be influencing individual behavior be possible to design targeted intervention of and! Or student of social work, psychodynamic theory focuses on the spiritual aspects of the profession, social is... Strategies that can help bring them immediate progress in navigating challenges crisis the... Workers with a set of cues to determine how effectively clients manage crises move... Psychodynamic social work degree course constructed through both objective and subjective lenses degree from anywhere is considered a major in! For understanding both human behavior and the behavior of economic systems if they comply with cultural! It consists of a suite of modules from 'Law and social justice, along with well-developed social, empathic communication. And consequently think about approaching them with greater clarity and control ideas that best serve your clients communities... Role of helping individuals navigate these crises or manage successful transition between life are... To theory and practice to broader systems such as economy, society, and it allows the to... People empowerment and social policy ' to 'Substance Use and Misuse ' informed and targeted intervention through broad and policy. That best serve your clients and communities theory focuses on the ideas that serve. Such as positive modeling and vicarious reinforcement people to help clients address their problems and consequently think about approaching with... Theory concerns the interdependency of various systems, both natural and human-made … modules allows the client escape... Learning community which includes students, staff, service users, carers and practitioners integration of practice research! Dimensions into strategies that help clients navigate situations by altering negative thought processes and leverages clinical!

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